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Lacreek Electric sells Marathon Water Heaters. They are 50 gallon heaters that contain two 4500 watt elements, one at the top and one at the bottom. Call for pricing. Click here for more information on Marathon Water Heaters.

Load Control Program
We'll give you $50 if you'll just put your water heater under the co-op's new load control program. The installation is free and the cost savings to you will go well beyond the $50 bill credit or check we'll give you. You'll be playing a vital part in holding the co-op's power cost down just by letting your water heater work when the power is less expensive. Click here to download the application.

We sell two sizes of Aussie Electric Grills. One is a portable tabletop and the other is a full size grill with or without a rotisserie. Call for pricing.

Two different generators are offered by Lacreek Electric. One is a Guardian 15,000 watt portable generator and sells for $2,858.96. The other is a Winco 25,000 watt PTO generator.  The complete PTO generator package sells for $4,149.60

Medical Alert Telephone
Research indicates that the majority of seniors want to live at home independently. At the same time, the adult children of seniors want the assurance that their parents are safe. With the high cost of health care and nursing homes, keeping seniors in their own homes becomes even a more critical matter.

Lacreek Electric offers a solution to your parents safety and independence. You can acquire a Medical Alert Telephone for your parents with just one phone call. Call us at 605-685-6581 for more information. Click here to download an application.

How does the Medical Alert Phone work?

1. An emergency response pendant can be worn at all times. If a situation arises and help is needed, a simple touch of the button activates the phone's speaker system and contact our Dispatch Center.

2. Once the alarm dispatch center is contacted, the computer system automatically displays all necessary subscriber information such as: addresses, family contacts & medical history.

3. If emergency medical help is needed, the appropriate authorities are contacted, and immediately help is on the way. If the situation is not an emergency, a pre-determined friend, family member, or neighbor can be called to assist.

What are the benefits of having one of these phones in my house?

  • Complete system designed to fit your personal needs.
  • Full site installation and support. With no installation charges.
  • Full technical support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Month to month contract. Cancel anytime.
  • Lacreek Electric maintains the phone.
  • Receive service for low monthly cost of $22.
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